by Wendy Sizemore, Pickaway County 912 Project Liberty Group

The National Safety Council in partnership with an organization they created, the Ohio Teen Safe Driving Coalition (OTSDC), launched a pilot program for middle school kids to ticket their parents for “unsafe” driving behaviors.  SADD and the Ohio State Highway Patrol, as members of OTSDC, were the vehicles for getting the program into three Ohio schools.  Students were asked not only to ticket their parents for unlawful driving which would have been egregious enough but for legal driving behavior such as talking on a cell phone even if it were hands-free.

The students were issued mock ticket books for writing the tickets. Upon turning in their tickets at the end of the week they will be rewarded with a pizza party and the student who writes the most tickets will receive 4 movie tickets.

In a media release The National Safety Council is cited as saying that the hope is to start a conversation between parents and students about safe driving and for students to share what they have learned from in-class safe driving lessons.

This begs the question, why are 12-14 year olds taking driving lessons and what are they being groomed for in the future?  As a matter of “safety” will they next be asked about what kinds of guns you have in your home or how you choose to store them?  In this current climate of government interference and regulation it is not a stretch to think such a thing could happen.

In 1997 Edward Behrendt wrote regarding Hitler Youth, “in trying to capture the minds, hearts and souls of young children Nazi’s at first offered many incentives, things that would attract the children…  Later, far different motivations were used…it was not that uncommon for kids to turn their parents in to authorities if they caught them doing something not approved by the State.  Incidentally my information does not come from movies or books, it comes from actually being there and physically being involved…”

Enough said!

This needs to be stopped before it goes state and nationwide! 

OH SADD: Ricky Birt:  937-308-5646

Ohio State Highway Patrol Public Affairs: 614-752-2792; email

To find your State School Board Representative and tell them you don’t want this program in your school go to:

The three schools that participated:

  • Teays Valley East Middle School – Ashville, OH
  • Northwestern Middle School – Springfield, OH
  • Buchtel Middle School – Akron, OH