Washington, D.C.—James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas today released its latest undercover investigation. Citizen journalists have uncovered widespread Medicaid fraud in state offices across the country.

The first investigation released focuses on four Medicaid offices in Ohio. The undercover reporters intimate that they are drug dealers, drive expensive cars, and possess incredible wealth. At no time did the case workers ask the reporters to leave. Even though the reporters admit to making their living through drug dealing or facilitating child prostitution, the case workers never called the police, Child Protective Services or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In fact, the case workers appear eager to assist the reporters in filling out the necessary Medicaid paperwork.

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James O’Keefe is most well-known for his 2009 ACORN investigation, which exposed systematic corruption in multiple offices, such as the facilitation of child prostitution, human trafficking, and tax evasion. The U.S. House and Senate promptly voted to defund ACORN and the U.S. Census cut ties with the group. The organization was ultimately forced to disband.