As expected, the battle over Obamacare/Medicaid expansion in Ohio is ramping up once again. Perhaps the legislators pushing to advance this unpopular issue think because we are fighting on other fronts, such as the IRS abuse scandal, they can somehow slip expanding Obamacare by us.

To quote the John Wayne character “Big Jake” McCandles, “Not hardly.”

  • A new Ohio Obamacare expansion bill, HB-176, was introduced this week by Republican State Rep. Barbara Sears. This bill is being touted as “Medicaid reform” while downplaying the fact that it calls for the acceptance of Obamacare money, terms and conditions, and moves forward with Medicaid expansion in Ohio.
  • We are now hearing there may be several such bills proposed in the coming weeks that will reform Medicaid while allowing for expansion. Certainly, we all want to see Medicaid reformed, as it is a terribly broken and ineffective system; but no one serious about reforming a failed entitlement would consider expanding it before the reforms have proven successful.
  • The promise of “free” federal money is the primary motivator behind Medicaid expansion, and thus Obamacare implementation. The money is the key.  It is the federal government’s price for Ohio’s surrender to the federal takeover of healthcare in our state.

As we saw in the recent budget deliberations, it took citizens standing up in order to stop this issue. We will need your help again to fight back against the politicians, including Ohio Governor Kasich, and the special interests who are working so hard to advance the Obama agenda in our state.

Look for messages in the coming weeks about attending Ohio Assembly hearings, connecting with neighbors, writing and calling Representatives, and knocking on doors.  Along with our usual grassroots outreach, we will need your financial support to successfully engage the politicians on this issue.

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Obamacare was passed in 2010 on a partisan basis and even today a majority of Americans oppose this tyrannical and destructive law. Despite all evidence of Obamacare’s inevitable failure, it continues to be forced upon us. For the sake of our economy and our freedom, our only choice is to fight it. While we do support sensible reforms to a troubled Medicaid system, Medicaid expansion is not reform.  Help us continue to say “NO” to Obamacare by saying “NO” to the acceptance of Obamacare money in Ohio.

Yours in Liberty,


Ted Stevenot
Ohio Liberty Coalition

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