A quick note to remind everyone that we are coming up on only the fourth opportunity since the liberty movement in Ohio began to encourage grassroots citizens to engage in central committee elections.

December 16th is the filing deadline for races appearing on the ballot in the March 2016 primary. It is time to spread the word about this now or surrender another two to four years to the crony establishment.

Unless of course…you are happy with the “Ohio Miracle”?

  • Nearly a 40% increase in state spending since 2011
  • Over 600,000 new people added to Obamacare/Medicaid
  • No right to work law (…no labor reform at all)
  • $78 billion in unfunded pension liability
  • Labor force down 205,000+ jobs since the recession ended
  • No photo id law
  • Common Core fully being implemented

The list goes on and on…and all of this with 100% Republican control.

If we don’t stand up, who will?

Please encourage your members to attend the Ohio Precinct Project Rally to Recruit on October 31st in Columbus. This is a bye week for Ohio State and the event runs from 11am – 2pm. Everyone should have plenty of time to make it back home for Halloween.

Here is the link to register and share:


Thank you for your help spreading the word, and I look forward to seeing you there!