On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Ohio Precinct Project’s (OPP) event in Troy, Ohio.

I’ve been working with Ted Stevenot and the Ohio Precinct Project on the possibility of them doing a similar event here in NW Ohio.

I was impressed with the OPP presentation, their information, and more importantly, their speakers.  I know many of use have been discouraged by the activities coming out of Washington DC this past week. The OPP presentation once again convinced me not to give up,  that there was still hope, if we were willing to do the work.

The NWOCC, and several other NW Ohio groups and organizations have been working with OPP to set up the NW version of the presentation.  Scheduled for Saturday, July 25th, Ted Stevenot, OPPs founder, assured me that the Toledo event will be better than the Troy event as they do a little tweaking of their presentations.  He assured me they were getting the same powerful and motivating speakers to attend the Toledo event as I seen in Troy on Saturday.

I encourage everyone who is fed up with the garbage coming out of Washington DC and Columbus, to attend this meeting. Its going to present some new ideas and information we need to successfully fight the onslaught to the left.

At the Toledo event, leaders from the various NW Ohio groups and organizations are ready to implement the programs we’re going to see and talk about at the event. If you want to help stop this march to the left,  we need to work with each other.

IMPORTANT – Please RSVP HERE for this very, very important event (NW Ohio presentation).

CLICK HERE to see a quick review of the Troy Ohio event, with photos

EDITORS NOTE:  Ted Stevenot is currently setting up a schedules for these very important events in NE Ohio, SE Ohio, and Central Ohio.  Please contact him if you would be able to assist in hosting these events in your region.

John McAvoy
Original article appears at Toledo Tea Party