As the March primary election draws near,  many of these lying State Central Committee (SCC) Representatives will be on the ballot. (They endorsed themselves)

Consider this, do you continue to elect someone with a track record of lying and deceiving the voters, OR, should you vote for someone who will be honest and restore integrity to the party?

Here’s what happened

Last Fridays Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee (SCC) was a eye opener to SCC candidates and visitors who attended the Ohio GOP meeting to find out exactly what the SCC representatives do.

Two items on Fridays agenda, SCC Endorsements and Presidential endorsements, caused the visitors jaws to drop in disbelief as they could not believe what they were hearing.


Many Ohio Republicans are against the Republican  party endorsing anyone in the primary.  A party endorsement provides the endorsed candidate a huge advantage over their opposition, as they have access to party resources that are denied their opponent.

However,  one item that made Fridays Ohio GOP endorsements so distasteful was how the Kasich Presidential endorsement was handled.

After discussion on why Gov Kasich was being endorsed over the other candidates,  the votes were called and tallied.  54 SCC members voted to endorse Kasich,  and 9 members voted to not endorse.

Lie and Deceit

After the endorsement vote,  It wasn’t good enough that the Ohio GOP endorsed Kasich with a 54/9 vote,  The Ohio SCC wanted to make it unanimous.

SO,  a motion was made on the floor to consider the 55/9 vote as being unanimous vote.

The Ohio GOP announced to the world that the Ohio GOP unanimously voted to endorse John Kasich!


This is the list of SCC members who chose to lie to Ohio Republicans in order to make it appear that all Republicans support endorsing Kasich.

Remember these names on March 15th. These Republicans are on record as lying, cheating, and deceiving the voters.

SCC1 Cheryl Buckland
SCC2 Mark Wagoner
SCC2 Dee Talmage
SCC3 David Goodman
SCC3 Jo Ann Davidson
SCC4 Gary Cates
SCC4 Patti Alderson
SCC5 Darryl Mehaffie
SCC5 Stephanie Garrett
SCC6 Pat Flanagan
SCC6 Judy Westbrock
SCC7 Michelle Schneider
SCC8 Alex Triantafilou
SCC8 Mary Anne Christie
SCC9 Stanley Aronoff
SCC9 Crystal Faulkner
SCC10 Steve Austria
SCC10 Brenda Lewis
SCC11 Meghan Gallagher
SCC12 Keith Cheney
SCC12 Ranae Lentz
SCC13 Matt Cox
SCC13 Joyce Houck
SCC14 Greg Simpson
SCC14 Kay Reynolds
SCC15 Doug Preisse
SCC15 Carolyn Petree
SCC16 Stephen White
SCC16 Susie O’Brien
SCC17 Phil Bowman
SCC17 Bonnie Ward
SCC18 Mary O’Toole
SCC19 Craig Schweitzer
SCC19 Teri Morgan
SCC20 Pat Hennessey
SCC20 Diana Fleegle
SCC21 Susan Rodman
SCC22 Sharon Ray
SCC23 Rob Frost
SCC24 Brad Lamb
SCC24 Nancy Suhadolnik
SCC25 Dan Carter
SCC26 John Matthews
SCC27 Bryan Williams
SCC27 Lauren LaRose
SCC28 Jim Simon
SCC28 Debbie Walsh
SCC29 Curt Braden
SCC29 Sarah Brown
SCC30 Jim Carnes
SCC30 Marilyn Ashcraft
SCC31 Betty Montgomery
SCC32 Casey O’Brien
SCC32 Melissa Pope
SCC33 Dave Johnson
SCC33 Tracey Winbush