The war against being tardy to class has a new weapon. The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety has added an Armored Fighting Vehicle to its arsenal. Why would a college Public Safety department need an Armored Fighting Vehicle? Apparently they don’t, but since it was free from the Federal Government they took it. Sadly the vehicle was not free to American Taxpayers.

The Director of Media Relations at OSU, Gary Lewis, claims that the vehicle has had very little use by its former owner (the U.S. Military), which begs the questions of why the American government bought it in the first place. If the vehicle was never needed for protecting U.S. troops in combat zones, then why did the American people need to pay for it? After all, the average cost for an MRAP type vehicle is One Million Dollars per vehicle (according to a 2012 Time Magazine article and confirmed by DOD Buzz as the Field Cost of each MRAP). Apparently the Government ordered a few thousand units too many.

Aside from the issue of fiscal irresponsibility on behalf of the government for wasting money on this, there is also the civil liberty issue of a militarized police force. The US Constitution limits how the military may be used on American soil, but those protections do not extend to civilian authorities. Is a peace officer with a machine gun and an armored fighting vehicle still a peace officer, or a soldier? Does every college police department now need these military tools?