AKRON – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, said tonight that “The Ohio TEA Party is celebrating this tremendous hard earned election victory for Donald Trump in Ohio. This win was earned by thousands of Ohio volunteers who came together and did the hard work necessary to win a state the size of, and as diverse as, Ohio. This new coalition of TEA Party conservatives, social conservatives, energy workers, police and safety workers, steel workers, blue collar workers, anti-common core parents, fiscal conservatives and religious conservatives proved to be a potent force that drove the vote in Ohio. For us it came down to private sector jobs, the repeal of Obamacare with a competitive private sector solution, defense of our Constitutional Rights, less regulation particularly in the energy sector, school choice, ending the corruption in government and in business, law and order and national security. Trump addressed all of those issues and the Ohio electorate responded.”



Zawistowski concluded by saying “We want to congratulate Bob Paduchik, Trump’s Ohio Campaign Chairman, and his staff, the staff at the RNC who often get all the criticism and never the credit they deserve, our Ohio NRA team of David Conte, Jake Meinzer and Ryan Bradley and all the members of the NRA without whom this victory would not have been possible, the Republican County Chairmen, County Central Committee members, and volunteers around the state who choose to support Donald Trump as the Republican Party Candidate.

I would also like to thank John McAvoy and his Toledo TEA Party and Glenn Newman, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, without there leadership this effort could not have been possible. Finally I must thank my wife Nanette and the Proud Members of my Portage County TEA Party who gave it all in answering the call to win Northeast Ohio and they did it.”