Election Day, November 4th, provides an excellent opportunity for Right to Work advocates to collect signatures for Ohioans for Workplace Freedom.

Please contact your fellow petition gatherers to determine optimal polling places in your county or a nearby county.  If you need help choosing a polling place in your area, contact Lisa Cooper using the form below.workplace-freedom-OH

When choosing a polling location for signature collection, look for polling places which cover several precincts.  This will ensure a larger flow of people.

Petition gathers must stand 100′ from the doorway to collect signatures.   Oftentimes, election officials mark this location with small American flags placed in the ground.

If you are limited on time, try to man the polling place during high traffic times – morning or after work – to make the best use of your time.

It is always a good idea to let the poll workers know you are going to be collecting signatures before you begin so they are not surprised if voters complain to them.  If a voter asks you to leave, talk to a poll worker, and if necessary, ask them to measure to make sure you are outside the 100′ boundary.

Petition gatherers should have several blank forms with them. If signs are needed, please contact Carol Bicking as soon as possible. After election day, all petition collectors should contact Carol to get instructions as to where the completed petitions should be sent.  Use the form below to contact Carol as well.

Thank you for everyone’s help on this important initiative.

Contact Form for Lisa Cooper and Carol Bicking:

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