Conservative leaders in the swing state of Ohio are endorsing Ted Cruz for President.  Citing issues like religious freedom, the economy, foreign policy, safety and security, pro-life, marriage and pro-family issues, these conservatives, listed below, endorse Ted Cruz.

Many of these leaders worked on the successful passage of the Ohio Marriage Amendment in 2004, which was credited with delivering the swing state of Ohio, and thus the presidency, to George W. Bush.

 “There are a number of reasons to consider as key justifications to support a presidential candidate. We see increasingly chaotic situations around the world, and here at home, our basic human rights are under attack,” said Phil Burress, President of Citizens for Community Values Action.

“People of faith, now more than ever, need a leader who will protect basic human rights ensconced in the U.S. Constitution,” explained Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right To Life.

“Actions speak louder than words,” added Lori Viars of the Conservative Republican Leadership Committee.  “Ted Cruz doesn’t just talk our talk.  He walks our walk, on both social and fiscal issues.”

“A weak Republican just won’t do,” said Linda Harvey, Christian author and President of Mission America.  “There is too much at stake in this election.  We need a strong leader like Ted Cruz who will stand up to terrorists and dictators, while also protecting the most vulnerable among us—the unborn.”

Linda Theis, President of Ohio ProLife Action, said her personal endorsement was based on multiple issues. “Ted Cruz’s legacy of action, his thoughtful approach to issues facing our country, and his full support of unborn life, religious freedom, and natural marriage make Cruz the best candidate for President,” Theis explained.

“Ted Cruz has shown us he will protect our Constitutional rights, including life, religious freedom, Second Amendment rights, and all of our liberties,” added Diane Stover of NE Ohio Values Voters.

“Backing a slightly better candidate than the Democrat hasn’t worked.  No more Romneys, McCains or Doles!  It’s time for a conservative with a track record of doing what needs to be done,” stated Sue Hardenbergh, co-leader of Anderson Tea Party in SW Ohio.


With Ted Cruz as President, our country will have a leader with a strong backbone, one who will support policies that reinvigorate our economy, protect the basic rights of each citizen, and is up to the task of leading the greatest nation in the world.

We, the undersigned, endorse Ted Cruz for President,
and invite others to go to to join us.

*Personal endorsements; Titles for informational purposes only.

  1. Phil Burress* – President of Citizens for Community Values Action
  2. Molly Smith* – President of Cleveland Right To Life
  3. Lori Viars* – Board Member of Conservative Republican Leadership Committee
  4. Diane Stover – Founder of NE Ohio Values Voters
  5. Linda Theis* – President of Ohio ProLife Action
  6. Linda Harvey* – Founder of Mission America
  7. Bobbi Radeck* – Former State Director of Concerned Women for America
  8. Crystal Gurry* – Former Legislative Liaison of Concerned Women for America
  9. Former State Rep. Linda Reidelbach* – Board Member of Ohio ProLife Action
  10. Former State Rep. Diana Fessler – Public Policy Analyst
  11. Pastor JC Church* – Sr. Pastor, Victory in Truth Ministries
  12. Ed Sitter* – Executive Director of Greater Toledo Right To Life
  13. Barbara Burkard* – Miami Valley Citizens Informed
  14. Sue Hardenbergh* – Co-Leader of Anderson Tea Party in S.W. Ohio
  15. Joseph Platt, Esq.* – Board Member of Family First
  16. Mary Clark* – Board Member of Greater Cincinnati Right to Life
  17. Joan Loebker* – Former V.P. of Greater Cincinnati Right To Life
  18. Debbie Smith* – President of Warren County Right To Life
  19. Councilman Don Prince* – Mason City Councilman & former Warren Co. Republican Central Committee Chairman
  20. Pastor Bruce Moore* – Warren Co. Republican Executive Committee member
  21. Candice Keller* – Butler Co. Republican Central Committee member
  22. T.J. Honerlaw* – Warren Co. Republican Executive Committee member
  23. Denver Sallee* – President of Lake Co. Right to Life; V.P. of Geauga Co. TEA Party
  24. Pastor Tim Throckmorton* – Crossroads Church, Circleville OH
  25. Jeannine Jones* – Secretary of Cleveland Right to Life; Member of Ohio Right to Life PAC
  26. Pastor Ernie Sanders* – Exec. Dir. of Geauga County Right to Life, President Geauga County TEA Party
  27. Marlene Johnson* – Greene County Republican Central Committee Member
  28. Mike Kelley – Business Owner & Member of Eastern Delaware County Republican Club
  29. Annette Kocka* – Convention of The States Ohio District Chair 6
  30. Bob Lattimer – State Board of Eagle Forum of Ohio
  31. Lois Arconti*
  32. Pickaway County Republican PAC
  33. Benjamin Mutti – Spokesman, Richland Community Family Coalition
  34. Bonnie Kaufman* – Conservative Activist
  35. Kimberly Fletcher* – President & Founder of HomeMakers for America Inc.
  36. George Opria* – Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired)
  37. Roseann Siderits* – Board Member of Family First

*Personal endorsements; Titles for informational purposes only.