Having a Photo ID is required in almost everything we do, except voting.  Ohio Bill, HB-189 would change this,  yet it seems to be stalled in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee. Is Chairman Tim Brown stalling debate on this bill?

In surveys around Ohio, the vast majority of Ohio voters support Voter ID, and the Ohio bill, HB-189,  authored by Andrew Brenner, would do just that. You must present a valid Photo ID at the voting precinct.  The bill is popular amongst Ohio Republican legislatures and has 29 Republican co-sponsors.   Rep Sears OH47 is not one of the co-sponsors,  WHY NOT?

We wonder if the reason HB-189 is being stalled in committee is because just a few months ago,  Gov Kasich line item vetoed a voter ID measure from the states budget.

CALL Rep Tim Brown and ask him to schedule HB-189 for hearings in his committee.  Contact the rest of the committee members and ask them to support Voter ID.


Government Accountability and Oversight Committee
(Rep. Butler, Rep. Buchy & Rep. Green are co-sponsors on HB 189)

  • Rep. Tim Brown (R) Chair
    Phone: (614) 466-8104
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Louis Blessing III (R)
    Phone: (614) 466-9091
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Jim Buchy (R)
    Phone: (614) 466-6344
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Jim Butler (R)
    Phone: (614) 644-6008
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Timothy Derickson (R)
    Phone: (614) 644-5094
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Doug Green (R)
    Phone: (614) 644-6034
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Robert McColley (R)
    Phone: (614) 466-3760
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Dorothy Pelanda (R)
    Phone: (614) 466-8147
    Contact: Click Here
  • Rep. Ryan Smith (R)
    Phone: (614) 466-1366
    Contact: Click Here

John Mc Avoy
Original article can be seen at Toledo Tea Party