MEETUPs has been around for many years and was the cornerstone of many Tea party and Liberty groups in Ohio and across the US.  Over the years, MEETUP has increased the fee it charges group,  $140 a year , forcing many grassroots groups to find alternate sources to use as their communication tool.  Last week, MEETUP announced it has set up 1000 FREE meetup sites for those groups that wish to #Resist  President Trump.

Several years ago, the Ohio Liberty Coalition set up FREE web sites to many groups across Ohio that couldn’t administer their own sites.  These site are basically a “Mirror” site of the main OLC site,  and the local administrator can post articles and run their own calendar. You can see a couple examples of these free sites

Miami Valley Citizens Informed

Licking County Rising

This service is still open to Ohio’s groups who may wish to leave MEETUP..  Complete the form below.

ALSO For those groups who might be a little more technical savie and able to administer their own site,  The Toledo Tea Party and NWOCC has once again offered to conduct another all day workshop for groups that wish to do run their own web sites, Facebook pages, calendar, and mail-chimp accounts.  Several Ohio groups took part in this three years ago, and all have their own web sites.  TTP Chairman John McAvoy even took this workshop to Illinois and help groups in I sit up and operate their own site.

If you are interested in this workshop,  complete the form below and indicate you’re interested in the one day web site workshop.

OLC Website Request