Kieth_FaberIn an article posted yesterday, we cover the inside story of the Ohio Controlling Board and how it is being used by Governor John Kasich to ram through Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and bypass the will of the people and the state legislature.

Read the full post at this link.

In the post, we suggest people call several legislators to stop Governor Kasich’s to push to implement this critical element of Obama’s healthcare agenda for our state. Today, the priority of our call order has changed.

  • Please contact Ohio Senator Keith Faber’s office ASAP!
  • His number is 614-466-7584.
  • Please call especially, if you are in Faber’s district YOU MUST TRY TO SPEAK TO HIM DIRECTLY.

Senator Faber has the tools available to stop Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Ohio. Faber has been an opponent of Obamacare in the past, now is the time for him to act and put a stop to Governor Kasich’s effort to bypass of the legislature and, thereby, the people of our state.

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