Capitol Building, Washington DC.A bill to defund Obamacare and avoid a government shutdown was proposed late last week by Georgia Representative Tom Graves (R) – the Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution (link).  As of this writing, the bill has 74 co-sponsors but only four of them are from Ohio.

The four Ohio Republican Representatives co-sponsoring the bill are; Steve Chabot (OH-1), Bob Gibbs (OH-7), Jim Jordan (OH-4), and Brad Wenstrup (OH-2).  Link for current co-sponsor list:

The eight Ohio Republican Representatives not yet signed on as co-sponsors of the bill are;

Robert Latta, (OH-5)
(202) 225-6405
(419) 354-8700
(419) 782-1996
(419) 422-7791
(800) 541-6446

Bill Johnson, (OH-6)
(202) 225-5705
(740) 376-0868
(330) 337-6951
(740) 432-2366
(740) 534-9431

John Boehner, (OH-8)
(202) 225-6205
(513) 779-5400
(937) 339-1524
(202) 225-6205

Michael Turner, (OH-10)
(202) 225-6465
(937) 225-2843

Pat Tiberi, (OH-12)
(202) 225-5355
(614) 523-2555

David Joyce, (OH-14)
(202) 225-5731
(440) 352-3939
(800) 447-0529
(330) 425-9291

Steve Stivers, (OH-15)
(614) 771-4968
(740) 654-2654
(937) 283-7049

Jim Renacci, (OH-16)
(330) 334-0040

The bill would accomplish the following:

  • Defund Obamacare for one year. This allows for repeal/replace efforts to continue, or if necessary, further defunding.
  • Take the “government shutdown” narrative off the table.  Graves’ bill allows for the defunding of Obamacare while fully funding the federal government at sequestration levels through fiscal year 2014 – including debt and interest payments, Medicaid, Social Security, the military, and pensions.
  • Delay implementation of Obamacare. No provision of the Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate, shall have effect until December 31, 2014.
  • Learn more about the proposed bill at this link:

A Rasmussen poll just released shows that 51% of voters favor a government shutdown until Congress cuts healthcare funding (link) and a recent Fox News poll found that 68% of voters are concerned about their healthcare under Obamacare (link).

Please do your part by contacting the above representatives about delaying and defunding Obamacare now!  We are on the right side of this issue and need to make our voices heard.  Such an unpopular and destructive law needs to be stopped before it harms more people.  Contact these representatives today about co-sponsoring the Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution.

In Liberty,


Ted Stevenot
Ohio Liberty Coalition

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke