dodlOpportunity Ohio released new K-12 teacher salary data this morning.  Check out their website to search the database.  This information is especially important as many school districts are asking taxpayers for additional money in November.  Generally speaking, employee compensation accounts for about 80 percent of any district’s expenditures.  Also, keep in mind that most school employees only work about 180 days per year, whereas the normal work year consists of 260 days.


September 27, 2013
Contact:  Mary McCleary, 614-636-2663

Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 Teacher Salaries in Searchable Database

Today Opportunity Ohio released the salaries of all public school employees in Ohio for the 2012-2013 school year.

Matt Mayer, president of Opportunity Ohio, stated:  “As property taxes increase, it is important for citizens to know how their hard-earned money is being spent by their school districts.  As people learn more about their school districts’ finances, they are able to make better-informed decisions when their districts ask for additional funding.  Transparency is the key to accountability.”

The new salary data can be found at  Opportunity Ohio’s website contains teacher salary data as far back as 2004.  Additionally, the salaries of state workers in Ohio are available from 2003 to 2012, as part of Opportunity Ohio’s government transparency project.