safe_imageToday Opportunity Ohio, a free market think tank in Columbus, released state salary information on its website for 2013.  The transparency tool allows you to search for individuals by name or department.  Read the press release from Opportunity Ohio below for more details, and check the database out here:  State Salary Search.



March 14, 2014       
Contact:  Matt Mayer, 614-636-2663

Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 State Salary Information in Searchable Database

 Today Opportunity Ohio released new 2013 salary data for state government workers on its website as part of its government transparency project.

Over the last three years, total payroll costs have declined slightly and are just under $3 billion.  Total overtime costs up are to $111 million.  Last year, just over 60,000 people were on the state’s payroll.  Of these folks, 2,070 earned over $100,000.

All but two of 25 highest income earners worked in the Department of Mental Health, with the highest paid making over $376,000.  This worker also received the greatest amount of overtime at $205,000.  Thirty-eight state workers received overtime payments in excess of $50,000.

Matt Mayer, president of Opportunity Ohio, stated:  “Ohioans have a right to know how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent, especially given the fact that the average state worker earns significantly more than the average private sector Ohioan who bears the burden of expensive government bureaucracy.  Without transparency, there is little accountability.”

The new state salary data can be found at  Opportunity Ohio’s website contains the salaries of state workers going back to 2003 and salaries of teachers going back to 2004, as well as a levy calculator.