Worker Freedom Graph.jpgThis week, Opportunity Ohio released its latest worker freedom report.  The report looks at private sector job growth from 1990 to the most recently available final jobs data (June 2013).  Here are some facts from the report:

  • Ohio’s private sector has only grown by 8 percent in the last 23.5 years.
  • Ohio has experienced the 5th worst job growth among the states since 1990.
  • The average worker freedom state grew 42 percent since 1990, while the average forced unionization state only grew 16 percent.
  • Ohio’s growth since 1990 was only half that of the average forced unionization state.
  • Four of Ten Ohio industry sectors have fewer jobs today than they did in 1990.

The bottom line is that Ohio still has a long way to go before before its economy turns around.  To jump start Ohio’s recovery, Governor Kasich should push to make Ohio the nation’s 25th right-to-work state.