We wrote earlier on how some Tea Party leaders are calling out the ORP for using the IRS scandal to raise money for themselves. Over at WMD they point out that the ORP has no intention of helping the Tea Party expose the IRS scandal, but are instead helping themselves to the opportunity to pocket some extra cash from the headlines.

Now the ORP is trying to raise money off the IRS scandal in which conservative groups (read TEA Parties and liberty groups) were targeted for more scrutiny than usual. Which from the ORP perspective it is their way of reaching out and magnifying the issue. From the TEA Party perspective, it is ORP reaching their hands out for cold hard cash with one hand while slapping these very groups in the face with the other.

Donating to the ORP will have exactly ZERO impact on the issue at hand. What’s worse is the ORP intelligentsia know that. That they do it anyway is the biggest insult of them all.

The ORP pretends to be on the same side as the Tea Party when it suits their interests. However when it comes to sharing power they want nothing to do with us.