Ohio School Boards Leadership Council (OSBLC) to host training for potential School Board candidates, parents, teachers, etc.

Why join OSBLC?

OSBLC has a big difference in philosophy from the status quo education agenda. OSBLC supports local parents, local community and educators as the primary influence of local education. OSBLC supports being informed about the role of the parent and the role of the educator, and comprehending the economic reality they serve in. OSBLC coaches board members to put the children’s education first, be fiscally responsible and efficient, and to respect the community, students and district employees.

In 2014 OSBA forgot to include the US Constitution in the “Oath of Office” that was sent to school boards throughout Ohio. After OSBLC pointed out that the OSBA’s “Oath” was in error, OSBA then quickly re-sent the corrected version to their membership. Many school boards had to swear in new school board members for a second time using the real Oath of Office that now included the US Constitution.

After 65 years in business, OSBA sent out their revised “Oath of Office” to swear in all new school board members which “forgot” to include the words “to support the Constitution of the United States”. Was this omission an accident? A few years ago OSBA hired a key note speaker for their State wide conference, “Capitol Conference”, Eric Lemont Hill, who is a “Social Justice Activist” (a well known code phrase for socialist agenda propaganda). OSBA formed an organization with the teachers union, OEA, called Strong Communities, yet advocates for federal intrusion into local education by supporting Common Core.  Common Core curriculum is well known to be anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-faith, family and military.  There are many players involved in the fundamental transformation of America.

Why OSBA, after 65 years in business and a $50 million budget are there over 70 unfunded State mandates which remove local control and favor larger more intrusive government controls?

You can refuse to join OSBA, several school boards have not joined and many more are considering canceling their memberships. You can join both OSBA and OSBLC. Both of these organizations will train you on how to do your job, but only one will train you to put children first.

Some school boards join just one of these two organizations and some join both. Your school board service fund should be used to pay your expenses for the membership of your choice. If you are refused membership in the professional organization of your choice you have grounds for a constitutional rights case.

OSBA’s formula for board membership fee grows as the district spends more per pupil. One of these organizations has a financial interest in your district spending more money and helping to pass more tax levies, and the other does not.

OSBA charges more for membership if the district has more students. OSBLC charges a flat fee per board member.

OSBA charges one rate for the whole board one fee regardless who wants to join. If one board member wants to join the fee is the same. OSBLC charges one flat fee per member and does not increase fee based on enrollments nor spending per pupil.

OSBLC opposes federal intrusion into local control while OSBA supports Common Core and has stood by as the State significantly reduces local control of education through enormous unfunded mandates.  This ever-increasing state control has increased the need for larger and growing education monopolies. However, academic results have been declining.


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Kelly Kohls is a founding member, leader and volunteer for OSBLC.