June 20, 2014

For Immediate Release

On June 3, 2014, the Hamilton County Board of Elections (BOE) unanimously voted to approve the challenge of 50 voters who are registered at destroyed buildings.  These challenges are a part of a year long study by the Ohio Voter Integrity Project (Ohio VIP) to identify people registered at demolished properties based on lists provided by the City of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Port Authority.Ohio VIP

To date, approximately 200 voter challenges have been submitted using information from these lists, with over 185 of the challenges being unanimously upheld by the BOE.  In addition, ten voters updated their voter registration addresses to their current residence in response to the mandatory challenge notices sent to them by the BOE.  Over 50 percent of the 200 challenge notices mailed were returned to the BOE as undelivered.

Marlene Kocher, Research Leader for Ohio VIP, is encouraged by the results.  “The purpose of this effort is to get voters to update their addresses with the BOE, says Kocher.  Obviously they aren’t living in a building that has been torn down.  If people keep their voter registration addresses current, then they are less likely to vote provisionally.” Ohio VIP plans to continue this research in Hamilton County with the help of the BOE.  They have also started to apply the same research procedures in other Ohio counties.

Ohio Voter Integrity Project is a non-partisan, non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote integrity in the electoral process to benefit all citizens of Ohio.  For more information contact us at this LINK, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.