Republican Party Chairman from over 40 of Ohio’s counties signed a letter endorsing Jane Timken as the next Ohio GOP Chair.

For the past 6 years the current Chair, Matt Borges, has divided the party and  shown a complete lack of leadership skills that’ll be required to pull Ohios Republican Party back together.

Borges shenanigans peaked last spring during the Primary elections when he misused party money  and violated party bylaws  by running attacks against fellow Republicans, including Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Borges was then fired by the Trump campaign  just weeks before the election when it became obvious, that he (Borges) was more interested in lining up a job as National Chair, rather than working in Ohio to ensure Trumps election.

The following letter was distributed to the 66 Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee members within the past few days.


An Open Letter to the Ohio Republican State Committee

We know that every member of the Republican State Central Committee has been inundated by emails and phone calls regarding the current race for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. We understand that this is an important decision that no member of the Committee takes lightly. As County Republican Chairmen, however, we are respectfully urging that our input be thoughtfully considered by the Committee in making a final decision on this most important matter.

We not only believe that the views and sentiments of County Republican Chairmen ought to be considered by the Committee on such important matters as the election of a State Chairman, but that the Committee and most certainly the State Chairman ought to be absolutely unwavering in their support of all Republican nominees, at every level.

Clearly, though, this was NOT the case in the instance of our 2016 Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. Consequently, we are now in jeopardy of having the State Party be completely at odds with the new Trump Administration, as well as with the RNC itself. This is, quite obviously, an untenable if not wholly unacceptable situation which only you, the voting members of the State Committee, have the power to resolve.

It is with all of this in mind that we, the undersigned, are urging you to unite the State Party behind Jane Timken as our next State Republican Chairman. She has impeccable personal qualifications and unquestioned standing among the political, financial and elective leadership of our Party at the state and national level. As a geographically diverse mix of County Republican Chairmen from large, medium and small counties, we respectfully ask for the State Committee’s support of Jane Timken in the secret balloting that will occur on January 6th.

Sincerely yours (in alphabetical order),

Carolyn Adams – Ottawa County GOP Chairman
Audra Bean – Champaign County GOP Chairman
Sandy Barber – Fulton County GOP Chairman
Keith Boales – Ashland County GOP Chairman
Chuck Calvert – Medina County GOP Chairman
Elayne Cross – Portage County GOP Vice Chairman
Paulette Donley – Highland County GOP Executive Committee Chairman
Brian Davis – Williams County (Outgoing) GOP Chairman

Rob Duncan – Huron County GOP Chairman
Charlie Frye – Ashtabula County GOP Chairman
Leslie Haas – Washington County GOP Chairman
Robin Hovis – Holmes County GOP Chairman
Steve Hall – Coshocton County GOP Chairman
Jon Hensler – Jackson County GOP Chairman
Helen Hurst – Lorain County GOP Chairman
Tim Inwood – Clinton County GOP Chairman
John Jones – Harrison County GOP Chairman
David Johnson – Columbiana County GOP Chairman
Steve Kryder – Henry County GOP Chairman
Randy Law – Trumbull County GOP Chairman

Tom Liebrecht – Putnam County GOP Chairman
Thad Lichtensteiger – Van Wert County GOP Chairman
Jeff Matthews – Stark County GOP Chairman
Nancy McArthur – Geauga County GOP Chairman
Mark Munroe – Mahoning County GOP Chairman
John “Bud” O’Brien – Miami County GOP Chairman
Dan Osborne – Morrow County GOP Chairman

Patti Rockey – Williams County (Incoming) GOP Chairman
Pere Seward – Monroe County GOP Chairman
Lowell Shank – Former Henry County GOP Chairman
Dean Sipe – Crawford County GOP Chairman
Sherman Stansbery – Wyandot GOP Chairman
Jason Stephens – Lawrence County GOP Vice Chairman
Lynda Smith – Clark County GOP Chairman

Keith Threewits – Darke County GOP Chairman
Dave Uible – Clermont County GOP Chairman

Doug Wills – Tuscarawus County GOP Chairman
Bryan Williams – Summit County GOP Chairman
Wayne York – Auglaize County GOP Chairman

Mike Young – Noble County GOP Chairman
Jerry Zielke – Paulding County GOP Chairman