Gongwer News Service reports that the House Rules and Reference Committee will vote on Wednesday November 5th at 1:30 PM on whether to move the Common Core repeal bill HB 597 out of committee.

Your support is needed today to ensure that Republican committee members understand the importance of moving the Common Core repeal bill to the full House.  Please call the following committee members TODAY and tell them to vote “Yes” on reporting HB 597 out of committee:images

Rep. William Batchelder:  614-466-8140

Rep. Jim  Buchy:  614-466-6344

Rep. Tony Burkley:  614-644-5091

Rep. Timothy Derickson:  614-644-5094

Rep. Dorothy Pelanda:  614-466-8147

House committee chairmen have been told by leadership to move quickly on legislation which they hope to bring before the full General Assembly prior to year-end.

No more testimony will be heard on the bill before the committee vote on Wednesday.

Gongwer asked Chairman Matt Huffman, the bill’s co-sponsor, if he had the votes to move the bill out of committee.  Huffman replied, “Likely.”

House Education Chairman Gerald Stebelton who strongly opposes any repeal efforts indicated that he believes the bill will fail if it reaches a floor vote.  Gongwer quoted Stebelton as saying,

“I think it’s a whole lot to do about nothing…”

Stebelton then played down the concern over Common Core restricting the ability of teachers to choose classic pieces of literature for English class assignments – rather ironic for a man who just quoted Shakespeare.

Bill co-sponsor Rep. Andy Thompson believes Common Core is a “hot button issue” and pointed to a constituent who cannot help his child with homework because of the new ways Common Core math is taught.  Huffman said,

“It’s just a very personal thing…. If the parents are kind of cut out of the equation – pun intended – how best do you ensure that you have the support that you need and that you have the success that you need and you’re identified if there’s a problem for the kid as well.” 

And there-in lies one of the more offensive elements of Common Core, that of marginalizing the parent in the education process.  Parents have lost control of curriculum and cannot even take part in the age-ole tradition of helping their children with homework even though it is widely accepted that parent involvement improves student achievement.

If you want to see Common Core repealed in Ohio, call the members of the House Rules and Reference Committee TODAY.