by Wendy Sizemore

I am just one of many Pickaway County residents who are very proud of our Pickaway County Commissioners decision to withdraw from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC).  The Pickaway County Commissioners not only did Pickaway County a favor by withdrawing from MORPC but central Ohio and America as well.  By withdrawing they have opened a conversation that is long past due.  It is time for the elected officials in other municipalities to show the leadership that the Pickaway County Commissioners have showed and not be willing to sell out America for a road grant that they can probably get on their own.

MORPC Mission: The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission will be the regional voice and a catalyst for sustainability and economic prosperity in order to secure a competitive advantage for Central Ohio.


While the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission lobbies on behalf of their members and talks about a coordinated approach to things like land-use and economic planning, it seems that none of their members outside of Pickaway County are asking what the ‘plan’ of the planning commission is, what the economic structure under the guidance of MORPC will look like or inevitably how our land will be used.  I believe that MORPC did an exceptional job of illustrating what that plan was when they agreed to be a primary co-host of the International EcoSummit 2012.

Leading up to EcoSummit 2012 MORPC leadership and representatives are quoted as having said things regarding the EcoSummit like:

The environmental equivalent of getting the Olympics…For Central Ohio, EcoSummit 2012 presents an unprecedented opportunity to brand the region as among the leading communities in the world…OSU and MORPC are collaborating in fundraising and on the recruitment of top-level keynote speakers…This week Columbus will host over 1,500 delegates from over 76 countries for a week of amazing presentations, symposia, and workshops by the worlds most highly regarded ecologists and environmental scientists.

Following the International EcoSummit 2012 MORPC leadership is further quoted as having said:

Legacies of EcoSummit 2012 include partnerships which have been formed that will be of long term benefit to the region…Notable keynote speakers included Pulitzer-Prize winners E.O. WILSON, JAROD DIAMOND, Iceland’s President OLAFUR R. GRIMSSON, Futurist Stewart Brand.

These notable, top-level keynote speakers, whom MORPC believes will be so beneficial to the region, are a who’s who of Marxists, Socialists and Communists.  E.O. Wilson wrote in his book The Ants “Carl Marx was right, Socialism works.”  Jared Diamond wrote in his book Guns, Germs and Steel, “Farming spread mainly through farmers’ outbreeding hunters…then driving them off the lands suitable for agriculture.”  Olafur R. Grimsson, Iceland’s President and head of the People’s Alliance political party (a combination of socialists/communist views) from 1987-1995 amended Iceland’s Constitution deeming “all natural resources public property”. While futurist Stewart Brand advocates for squatter cities where “informal economies” are created.  It is what Mr. Brand refers to as the “dark energy of economic theory.”

One could pretty easily deduct that when Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart said that MORPC was pushing an agenda not in line with the values of the residents of Pickaway County these socialists/communist values is what he was referring to.  One would have expected the Executive Director of MORPC to have at least asked the Commissioners what agenda they were referring to, but I was at the meeting and I can tell you he did not ask that question.

EcoSummit 2012 is not the only place local government officials should be looking to shed light on the goals of MORPC.  As our Pickaway County Commissioners also referenced, MORPC openly admits a plan to “blur jurisdictional boundaries.”  When the jurisdictional boundaries are blurred who do you suppose will be ready to step in and relieve our local officials of their authority over these areas?  As American’s we have the responsibility and privilege of electing those who govern on our behalf.  We do not do this with the idea that those we elect are going to relinquish that authority to an unelected regional planning commission.

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