Tom Zawistowski
Monday, October 19

I am getting all kinds of reports from all over Ohio of the great things that all of you are doing to win this election and get Trump elected on November 8th. In this email, I would like to share some ideas that you can use to be more effective in your area.

Poll Madness:
As you know the We The People Convention Poll that was conducted before and after the last debate, showed that Trump was winning in Ohio by between 6.7% and 11.7%. Just yesterday, a CNN poll showed Trump winning in Ohio by 4%. However, other polls are showing that it is tied and national polls are showing Clinton with ridiculous leads like 11%. Even FoxNews is in on the scam. The poll they put out early this week that Clinton was winning by 9% – over sampled Democrats by 9%!! Remember, Roger Ailes was the Conservative Head of Fox News and he is gone now. Rupert Murdock who owns FoxNews is a globalist and you are seeing Fox turn against Trump even more because of this change. Finally, FORGET the national polls, they mean nothing. Look at the key state polls like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina – that is where the election will be decided. Also, any polls that only includes Trump and Clinton is a phony poll intended to deceive you because Johnson and Stein are taking from Clinton and not Trump and that is why they leave them out. Don’t believe the polls, just keep talking to people in your community and we will win.

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