Last fall, word was out that the Ohio Republican Party and Gov Kasich would not take kindly to State or County Central Committee members providing any assistance to other Presidential Candidates, especially in regards to finding Delegates. (i.e. If you help Cruz, or Carson, or any of the others, kiss your Ohio GOP job and Governor appointments goodbye)

With virtually zero assistance from the Ohio GOP, these candidates were having a difficult time recruiting.  Some of the more fortunate candidates who had connections with the Ohio’s Conservative leaders reached out to them for assistance.

In response to this call for help, Ohio’s Conservative movement got together to create and launch a program called “Delegates-R-Us“.

Any Ohio Republican could go to this site and signup to be a Delegate for ANY of the Republican Presidential candidates, yes, even Gov Kasich.

Responses and signups from the site were immediately forwarded to the appropriate Presidential campaign staff. The campaigns could then contact these individual and do their own vetting and paperwork.

With the exception of Gov Kasich, all the other Presidential Candidates expressed a sincere “Thank You” for assisting them and providing this valuable service in Ohio. Many said that they could not have recruited the good quality Delegates without the assistance of the Conservative movement in Ohio.

Delegate listings available for review

Last week we received copies of all the Delegate filings, went through them, and decided to post the Delegate lists on the Delegates-R-Us web site.

Visit Delegates-R-Us to view the listings for Delegates, Alternate Delegates, At Large Delegates, and their Alternates.