Cleveland_Right_to_LifeBelow is an October 13th  press release from Cleveland Right to Life on Governor Kasich’s recent request to appropriate Obamacare Medicaid expansion funds through the Ohio Controlling Board. The release points out that the Governor’s request effectively “backdoors Obamacare into Ohio.”

Cleveland, Ohio, October 13th 2013

Showing complete contempt for an estimated 75% of his Republican base who oppose Medicaid Expansion, Governor Kasich is set to bypass the Legislature and force Obamacare/ Medicaid Expansion on Ohioans. A whopping 66% of Ohioans voted to reject Obamacare in 2011 with a majority against the system in all 88 counties.

Governor Kasich is set to ignore his own Legislators by requesting that the Ohio Controlling Board appropriate Obamacare funds after the Legislature refused to support his plan.  By using this ruse the Governor hopes to get his hands on Obamacare dollars which effectively backdoors Obamacare into Ohio. Mediatrakers Ohio reports that the broad coalition of groups who support Kasich’s move are the usual suspects whose addiction to government hand out has resulted in the current US governments $16Trillion debt crisis.

“This arrogant action by the Governor needs swift and assertive counteraction by every prolife/ pro-family person in Ohio. Obamacare is anti-life – plain and simple. Most Right to Life groups in Ohio are unified in their opposition to this train wreck approach including major metropolitan groups such as ToledoCleveland and Cincinnati” said Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life, one of the largest prolife groups in Ohio.

“Make no mistake, Medicaid Expansion will fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry providers” said Smith. “So while the governor is asking us to congratulate him and his administration for defunding Planned Parenthood on the one hand, he is at the same time refunding this death-selling industry through Medicaid Expansion!”

“As an organization that takes no government funding and yet successfully helps the underprivileged, we see no need to trap able-bodied working citizens into a lifestyle that grows the welfare state and helps so many lose their dignity by forcing them onto welfare just so as the Governor can get his hands on Obamacare dollars” continued Smith.

Smith pointed out that “….Planned Parenthood and Ohio hospital systems will benefit greatly from this expansion. Hospitals such as University Hospitals who provide abortionists to PreTerm and Planned Parenthood will be funded with these dollars. When we permanently remove Planned Parenthood from neighborhoods we see a huge reduction in teen pregnancy and chastity returns to our youth”.

Smith quotes the findings of American Life League in a recent analysis of Planned Parenthood’s effectiveness in the Texas Panhandle counties where in 16 years Planned Parenthood facilities went from 19 to zero according to government data, and teen pregnancy was slashed by more than half.

Smith urged all prolife citizens to contact the Governor’s office to insist that he accepts the will of the people, and once and for all put to rest the ludicrous idea of expanding Medicaid in the state. She concluded with this request “Please also contact your state Representative and Senators and ask that they demand that the Governor withdraw his request to the Ohio Controlling Board to appropriate Obamacare funds.”