Ohio’s Republican voters have reached a breaking point and it appears once again will need to take matters into their own hands.  One web site, www.PrimaryPortman.com,  hosted by the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition appears to be putting into place plans to recruit and fund a primary opponent to Sen Rob Portman when his current term expires in 5 years.

The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition, Ohio Republican PAC, and Ohio Citizens PAC have all been talking about what to do regarding unresponsive Republicans who don’t keep their promises.

For the past seven years,  Democrats have lost race after race after race,  because of Obamacare.

During those seven years,  Republicans have picked up seats,  and won race after race after race,  with the one single theme in every race-

“Vote for me and I will repeal Obamacare”

The last 2 weeks have shown Ohioans and the nation the true colors of the Republican Party.

The Ohio house passed a budget.  In the budget, they froze Medicaid Expansion to existing levels.  Republican Governor Kasich line item vetoed that piece,   to allow full Medicaid Expansion in Ohio.

The Ohio Republicans REFUSED to override that veto. Quietly thanking Kasich for his veto, so they could go back to their districts and claim to their constituents “We Tried, But Kasich vetoed it”>  BULL CRAP…

In the past 72 hours we’ve seen exactly the same thing play out in Washington DC.  The Congressman and Senators who run their election campaigns on “Vote for Me and I’ll repeal Obamacare”  Now that its time to do it,  they waffle.\

NWOCC Board Member John McAvoy said:

“We ‘re keeping a careful eye on Senator Portman.  He hasn’t had stellar performance with the conservative movement,.  If he continues down the path he’s on,  We’ll actively work to recruit and fund a primary challenger who’ll  do exactly what they said they’d do”

If you’d like to stay informed about the Primary Portman movement,  you can sign up at PrimaryPortman.com