PARCC and PearsonAccess have requested the following student data in preparation of their Ohio field testing this spring:

  • Student’s State Student Identifier Code
  • Student’s Legal Name
  • Birth Date (optional)
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Type of Disability
  • Disability Accommodations (optional)
  • Gifted Status
  • Free Lunch Qualifier (i.e. pays full price, receives reduced price, or receives free meal)

The field tests will take place March 24 – April 11 and May 5 – June 6.

To determine if your school district is participating in the PARCC field testing, see listing at the end of the article, “Ohio students to test drive new Common Core exams; See what schools will take part here.”  Please note that additional school districts not listed can still request to participate in the field testing and thus transfer student data to PearsonAccess.

PARCC set the following deadlines for the submission of student data for the field testing:

Performance Based Assessments (PBA)

  • Paper tests – January 21, 2014
  • Online tests – February 11, 2014

End of Year Assessments (EOY)

  • Paper tests – February 28, 2014
  • Online tests – March 20, 2014

School districts had the power to refuse participation in the PARCC field testing and districts could provide parents with prior notification of any data release.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was amended in 2011 by the U.S. Department of Education (apart from Congress) to allow for the transfer of private student data to a third party without parental consent.  Before 2011, any transfer to a third party would have had to be approved by a parent or guardian.   

In its agreement with the federal government, PARCC has committed to provide the U.S. Department of Education with all student data it receives at the state level.  The federal government may also request PARCC to provide private student data to outside entities conducting studies in order to develop, validate or administer tests, improve instruction, and perform evaluation and audits of the data.

Despite being asked to provide this personal identifiable information, school districts and parents will not receive the results of student performance on the PARCC field tests.