We’ve all seen Legislature scorecards at the federal level, i.e. Freedom Works, and Heritage do an excellent job of digging into federal legislation and ranking the Federal congressional members on how they voted.

What has been missing is this same tool, but at the Ohio State Legislature level,  UNTIL NOW.   WOW

I had an opportunity to attend the launch event in Medina, OH yesterday where the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio’s (RLC  Ohio)  Chairman Bill Yarbrough and the entire RLC Ohio team unveiled two tools that will allow Ohio’s voters to evaluate where their legislatures and candidates stand on liberty minded issues they face:

These two tools were presented:

Ohio Legislator Liberty Index

Ohio Candidate Liberty Index

RLC_1_300The Liberty Index scores every sitting legislator in the Ohio House and Senate, as well as any Republican candidates for state legislative offices. The legislator scores are based on votes cast for a selected group of bills, deemed by the RLCOH as having a significant impact on the liberty of Ohio citizens, while the candidate scores will be based on surveys, interviews, and past experience of votes to determine those candidates who are most likely to uphold the liberties of Ohio citizens.

RLC_7_300“This is a game changer in the state of Ohio. We’re filling a significant void in Ohio politics,” says RLCOH Chair, Bill Yarbrough. “In elections, there’s no way to objectively weigh two Republicans facing‐off against each other. And, for all legislators, regardless of party, there is no comprehensive performance tool for voters concerned about liberty issues. It all changes this weekend.”

“The response has been tremendous,” says RLCOH Public Relations Chair Mathew Erickson. “From the candidate side, we have been receiving requests for surveys ever since we announced this new tool, and will be sending all of those out after we finalize the survey. On the legislative side, we’ve heard from many state representatives and senators expressing an interest in how the scorecard will work. And from the liberty minded voters in Ohio, there has been a tremendous interest shown in both tools, and people are really excited that there will finally be SOMETHING available to hold our elected representatives accountable.”

RLC_6_300Following the presentation, There was a Q and A session for those who attended and also those who were following the event live, online.

How can we,  Ohios voters support the continuation and expansion of this valuable tool?  We need to support the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio.  both financially and with our time.

I urge all conservative and liberty minded voters to go to the RLC Ohio site and become a member : (CLICK HERE)

ALSO – These tools require a great deal of time and resources to build and maintain.  Contact RLC Ohio and ask what you can do to help maintain these tools.