Tom Zawistowski
February 15, 2017

I sent the letter below to all the Republican Members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation.  If you agree with the letter, I ask that you send them a copy as well, or write your own letter, to show your support for the views that I have expressed.

To: Rep. Steve Chabot, Rep. Warren Davidson, Rep. Bob Gibbs, Rep. Bill Johnson, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. David Joyce, Rep. Bob Latta, Rep. Jim Renacci, Rep. Steven Stivers, Rep. Pat Tiberi, Rep. Brad Wenstrup

CC: House Speaker Paul Ryan

Subject: Restore Regular Order, Stop the BAT Tax, Pass Tax Cuts, Use the CRA

Dear Congressmen:

I am writing to express the concerns and frustrations of the Trump voters in Ohio who also elected each of you to a new two years term in Congress last November. I am hearing from Ohio Congressmen that you are all “frustrated” by what you call the “Three P’s – Pence, Priebus and Paul” who are, in some opinions, manipulating the agenda of President Trump and keeping you from Representing the wishes of the people in your Districts as you were elected to do.

I am writing to assure each of you that we support your efforts to make sure that the Trump Agenda, which we in Ohio overwhelmingly voted to implement, is indeed implemented in full and as quickly as possible. I am also writing to make clear our concerns and to provide some guidance as to how we would like you to address those concerns.

First and foremost, we are deeply concerned about House Speaker Ryan refusing to implement “Regular Order” after having promised to do so when he was first elected Speaker a year ago and AGAIN when he was re-elected, substantially on that promise, this past November. In doing so, he is denying us, your constituents, the Representation we are guaranteed under the US Constitution by not allowing any of you to participate in crafting the bills that will be headed to President Trump’s desk. It is my understanding, at least in the House Ways and Means Committee, that neither Renacci nor Tiberi or any of the 23 Republican Representatives have been “allowed” to propose Amendments or even to debate Speaker Ryan’s “Better Way” tax reform plan. That is simply unacceptable.