Mr Anderson write this in response to a very derogatory comment made about “Teabaggers” on the Toledo Tea Party web site.  Mr Anderson gave us permission to re-post his response here…

RINO-PictureThe term RINO is an acronym for Republicans In Name Only. This refers to Candidates and/or Elected Officials that run for office as Republicans, but vote as, or have values equivalent to, Democrats. When the actual name applies, as applied by individuals, depends on each person’s interpretation.

For many people the threshold is 50% – so, if an Official votes LESS than 50% of the time for Republican Issues (which means MORE than 50% for Democratic Issues), he is a RINO. Some republicans hold a much higher standard, which would be a higher number – for instance 75%. In this case he is “allowed” to vote up to 25% of the time for Democrat Issues. If he exceeds 25% he is a RINO. If he TRULY upholds the Constitution and is HONEST, it would difficult to NOT vote 100%

Of course, this begs the question: “What are Democrat Issues?”

This relates to Bills presented in Congress or State Legislatures. It is not enough to be presented by a Republican (or for that matter, a Democrat) – it relates to Ideology and the Party’s Platform.

Bills that are Unconstitutional, such as those that enrich Special Interests, provide money to anything that does not benefit all citizens, give special consideration to certain segments of Society, authorize the use of any Powers other than the 18 SPECIFIC Powers given to the federal Govt (in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution), any that forcibly take from one person or group and give it to another person or group, restrict ANY of our God-given Natural Rights, etc., are considered Democratic Issues by Republicans. Republican ISSUES are ones that are totally Constitutional, Do not Spend more than we have or can afford, respect the Rights of everybody and are ACTUALLY needed for the “Pursuit of Happiness: for all our Citizens.

Of course, this does not mean the such issues are only presented by Democrats. In fact, in many states like Georgia, where we have a 2/3 Republican majority but 75% of them are RINOS (>=50% Democratic Votes), most of these types of Bills ARE presented and sponsored by Republicans. Nonetheless, regardless of WHO sponsored the Bill, anyone that votes for it is considered Voting Democratic.

Regarding your question as to when Tea Party types first appeared: It was around 1773. They were unhappy because they were being taxed without representation. This sentiment essentially disappeared (never completely) for about 200 years because our Govt was actually listening to The People and they felt they at least had a say in how they were taxed. In the last 30 years, particularly, the last 7 or 8 years, this Constitutional Function of Govt has all but gone away.

Every day we have Legislatures passing UNCONSTITUTIONAL Laws and we have a President (that has made himself Dictator) signing Executive Orders that ignore the Taxpayers and their Rights. (executive Orders are also Unconstitutional – because they completely BYPASS the only branch of govt that is empowered by our Constitution to LEGALLY to make Laws – The legislature) .

All this is happening because our Politicians, and both Political Parties, have lost their way. They no longer represent The People and the DO represent themselves and the Special Interests that are making ALL of them Millionaires. Most unfortunately, they have found that with the help of ALL the Media they can do whatever they want – because the Electorate (The People) have become so apathetic and disenchanted with Govt that they no longer pay attention – they have Given Up on expecting “Rule of Law” or the protection of their “Rights & Freedoms”.

Believe it or not, there are still some ORDINARY, Law-Abiding Citizens (at least 100 Million) that are NOT subconscious and NOT Happy with this arrangement.

These American Citizens believe that our Revolution of 1776 was for an Honorable Purpose, that it was GOOD that our country was the FIRST one in all of History to be based on the Freedom of its Citizens, that our RIGHTS are all Natural & God-given (inalienable therefore – they can’t be taken away by anybody or anything – certainly not a Government that WE created to PROTECT these Rights) and that it is WRONG for our Government to Tax us and take away our Rights without “consulting us” (by means of VOTES)!

So, a lot of these Law-Abiding Taxpayers have risen up and said “NO – our Government MUST respect the Constitution and the Law!” And, many of them have Protested (more than 95% of them never, in all their lives, ever even Dreamed of attending a Protest – until this form of Lawless Government came along)! I consider these people Patriots – because they are now fighting to regain all that made our Country the Greatest in ALL of Human History. And, to answer your question: YES, most of these RINOs were Politicians before 2010 – most Voting AGAINST the Freedoms & Rights that are supposed to be Protected by the Constitution even then. It got worse every year and finally The People had “had enough”.

I can’t even imagine how you can call a Taxpayer, that is unhappy with his Complete LACK of Honest Representation in Govt, a RINO. He is NOT voting for Lawlessness, he is BEGGING our elected Officials to do their job, follow the Rule of Law and restore our Constitution. (I might add that I’m guessing that you were never taught the TRUE Greatness of our Constitution – that is was the the ONLY one ever that, by acknowledging our Natural Rights as Inalienable and ABOVE all Man-made Law, Protects the Minorities from the Majority! And, defining our Country as a Constitutional Republic under the “Rule of Law”, this also meant that the law applies equally to everybody. It afforded equal treatment for everybody under the law – NOT only to the Majority.

Also, if you were taught the LIE that we have a Democracy, let me explain that to you also: A Democracy is Majority Rule. We certainly have Majority Rule in many parts of our Govt Society but it is OVERRIDDEN by our Constitutional RIGHTS – they are a Higher Law. How does this Protect the Minorities?

Consider this: A Democracy is THREE Wolves and TWO Sheep VOTING on what to have for dinner. The Sheep’s Inalienable Right to LIFE overrides by the Wolves’ Majority decision to eat them.)

About “calling names” – I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean the word “Teabaggers”, that YOU used, or “RINOs” that is a very correct acronym for the Officials that have BETRAYED their constituencies and voted exactly the OPPOSITE of what they PROMISED and were elected to do? If anyone takes “RINO” as a dirty word, it would only be the TRAITORS that are FULLY aware of their crimes and their “Betrayal of Trust” by the taxpayers.

You may consider the word “RINO” as rude, but any Patriot would describe it as the ONLY word in our language that ACCURATELY describes the purposefully deceptive actions they take.
Dick Anderson