fresh stir fry  vegetablesPresident Obama and his know-it-all government planners have been foiled again – this time over their National School Lunch Program. The note below was included in the newsletter of a private Catholic grade school in Cincinnati, OH (November 21, 2013) regarding the future of their “responsibly reformed” school lunch program:

In the past year or so we have seen a significant decrease in the number of students buying lunches. Our numbers have dropped from 50% of the students to around 20%. Students have voted through their participation and it is time to make a change.

The decision has been made, in December we will be leaving the National School Lunch Program. The program provides food, money reimbursements and sets regulations for the food that can be served in the cafeteria. These regulations have led to menu changes that the students will not eat and has significantly increased our food waste and costs.

We will be sending more information home next week along with the new and improved menu. Look for the Grand Opening of the (new café) on December 2, 2013. We hope that you and your family will help support the cafeteria in this new endeavor. We look forward to serving your children lunches that they will enjoy.

From the website regarding the National School Lunch Program (Link

Through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by the First Lady and signed by President Obama, USDA is making the first major changes in school meals in 15 years, which will help us raise a healthier generation of children.

The new standards align school meals with the latest nutrition science and the real world circumstances of America’s schools. These responsible reforms do what’s right for children’s health in a way that’s achievable in schools across the Nation. (Link:

At least the school in this story had the freedom to opt out. Will the freedom to exit other “responsible reform” imperatives imposed by the federal government exist in the future?

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