SB5 darn near destroyed the conservative movement in Ohio. Friends, families, activist and leaders, who normally agreed on almost everything else chose sides. The result was a bitter war among Ohio’s conservatives, between the people and within groups that almost destroyed Ohio’s conservative movement.

Sadly, I’m seeing a similar effect with the presidential races.  People who’ve been working together for years are now at war with each other and refuse to talk.  Groups are being torn apart as supporters of the different candidates exchange words and insult each other over their views.

Both sides believe their candidate is the salvation of the nation and both sides have dug in.

WARNING – We ALL lose if this continues.  The Ohio Conservative movement cannot survive another SB5.

Be passionate about who you’re supporting for President, walk the precincts, make the calls, talk to people, do the Facebook thing.  HOWEVER, DO NOT allow this passion to reach a level that we have a repeat of SB5. Do not allow your passion to do irreparable damage to our groups,  organizations, friends or leaders.

I’m asking everyone who reads this to take a moment and pray. Pray with me that when we awake on March 16th, we’ll awake to an Ohio Conservative movement that has grown larger, stronger, and is re-uniting to take on all the other issues that face Ohio and our nation.

John McAvoy