Last fall, the Ohio Republican Party updated the party bylaws and filed them with the Secretary of State. (CLICK HERE).

The 66 member State Central Committee that you and I elected, voted and approved these bylaws. These are the rules the Republican party operates under in the state of Ohio.

Yet in March of this year, one man,  the leader of the party Chairman Borges, chose to spit in the face of the 66 members, He chose to disregard the rules,  and unilaterally spend hundreds of thousands of Republican party money,  Not to defeat Democrats,  but to defame and defeat fellow Republicans.

Leadership that does not follow the rules of the party must be removed from the leadership roll and be replaced by leaders that will work for the people who elected them, the 66 member board.

We will be  submitting a petition to the 66 member board asking them to either demand Mathew Borges resign,  or  the 66 member  board remove him from power.

Read and sign the petition:

CLICK HERE to add your name and message to this petition.