Liberals on the Ohio State School Board are trying to eliminate American Government and History testing in Ohio.​

The State School Board will meet on Sept. 18th and 19th (2017) (YES, that is tomorrow and the day after!) to consider a proposal urging the Ohio Legislature to eliminate the required end-of-course testing in American Government and History. Six years ago, we were able to get a law passed for the Founding of America Documents curriculum, which guarantees that all 88 counties’ school districts teach the founding documents, namely the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, Northwest Ordinance and the Ohio Constitution in grades 8 – 12 with an end-of-course exam.

At least one of the 19 State School Board members has tried to make the argument that by doing this, the state is returning control back to the local school systems. While that may, or may not be true, what is more to the point, if the American Government and History standards are not tested, how many teachers will teach this critical information to their students? Everyone knows that the teachers teach to the test. No test, no teaching of the foundational principles of America.

Please take some time to email or call the members of the State School board using the information provided below. 

Essentially, we need to communicate “We urge you to vote NO on the proposal to do away with American Government high school end-of-course assessment.”

State School Board of Ohio Members (19):

Tess Elshoff               419-753-2583 (President)

Nancy Hollister       740-373-6523 (V. Pres.)

Linda Haycock         419-979-6438

Kathleen McGervey      440-669-0780

Charlotte McGuire       937-287-3603

Pat Bruns                       513-310-8953

Lisa Woods                   330-410-6733

Antoinette Miranda      614-292-5909

Sarah Fowler             440-563-8535

Stephanie Dodd       740-629-1333

Nick Owens                  513-706-2634

Meryl Johnson          216-561-1396

Joseph Farmer                 740-862-8649

Cathye Flory                 740-603-6365

Rebecca Vazquez-Skillings          614-256-9317

Martha Manchester     419-303-2672

Eric Poklar                      614-519-5526

Laura Kohler                614-425-0183

Kara Morgan               202-297-4555

See the resolution here that Board members will be voting on at their meeting Monday or Tuesday.​

See the letter here that Chris Long, President of Ohio Christian Alliance, wrote to the State School Board members.
Thank you,
Kirsten Hill
Ohio Liberty Coalition