Pullining_the_plug_3This is our last chance to pull the plug on an unwanted and unpopular law that promises to change America forever. We must ‘speak’ our opinion to U.S. House Speaker and Ohio 8th District Representative John Boehner, “No funding for Obamacare.” Let your voice be heard in Troy, OH on Tuesday, August 27th.

  • Real Clear Politics average polling shows Obamacare is now opposed by a margin of 51% against to 39% in favor (link).
  • Voters in Ohio spoke loudly against the federal government takeover of healthcare by passing the Healthcare Freedom Amendment (HFA) in 2011.  The HFA won with 66% of the vote and passed in all of Ohio’s 88 counties.
  • As a check and balance to protect America from tyranny, the founders gave the House of Representatives (or the “People’s House”) control of the purse strings of our nation.
  • The House Speaker controls the “gavel” and the “calendar.” This means he decides who can speak and what bills may be scheduled for a vote. It is fully within John Boehner’s power not to allow ANY bills to the House floor that include money for Obamacare.
  • In September, the House will hold a vote to fund our government. They will either include money to fund the implementation of Obamacare or they will pass a resolution without such funding.

Please join a gathering of liberty-groups, faith-based organizations and other freedom-loving Ohioans this Tuesday in Troy, OH for a rally in Speaker Boehner’s district to tell him to “Pull the Plug on Obamacare.”

Tuesday, August 27, 4:00pm – 6:30pm
Statewide Defund Obamacare Rally
Where: Courthouse Plaza in Troy, Ohio
12 South Plum Street, Troy, Ohio 45373
RSVP here – https://exemptamericaboehnerrally.eventbrite.com/
Click to download a press release and event flyer from Faith 2 Action.

Speakers at the rally include:

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell
Doc Thompson of the Blaze
Ted Stevenot, President of Ohio Liberty Coalition
Mark Harrington of Created Equal
Bryan Kemper of Priests for Life
Pro-life leader Dr. Joel Brind
J.D. Winteregg of the Ohio Accountability Project
Nathan Mehrens of Americans for Limited Government
Andrew Pappas of FreedomWorks
Councilman Bobby Phillips
Tea Party Leaders Shannon Hartkemeyer, Sue Hardenbergh, Ralph King
Janet (Folger) Porter of Faith2Action.
Pro-family leaders Bobbi Radeck, Lori Viars and Julie Busby
Pastors Jonathan Newman, Dick Knodel, Dale Christian, and Andy Douglas

Once again we face a critical moment. If the people do not stand – who will?  Please do your part by forwarding this information to others and attending on Tuesday.

Yours in Liberty,


Ted Stevenot
Ohio Liberty Coalition

“Mr. Gerry moved to restrain the Senatorial branch from originating money bills. The other branch (the House of Representatives) was more immediately the representatives of the people, and it was a maxim that the people ought to hold the purse-strings.” Records of the Federal Convention, Article 1, Section 7, Clause 1