( If your group is reading the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, Please put the details in the “COMMENTS” section so other may attend your event)

Are you fed up with whats going on in our country and don’t know what to do?

Your first step should be to hear the words written 200 plus years ago, and you’ll realize those people were facing the same problems that we are today.

Find a group or organization in your area that is holding a public reading of the Declaration. You will hear the Declaration of Independence,  read in its entirety.  This takes about 30 minutes.  If you bring your children,  they will hear the words,  but may not understand them.  It will be up to you to later in the day explain what those words meant 200 years ago,  and how they are just as important today.

You’ll understand that those people got so desperate, they were willing to give up everything, including their lives, to work to solve the problems of their run-away government.

This is about freedom,  but freedom comes at a very expensive price, its called responsibility.  Many of our current day fellows have lost sight of being responsible and expect our government to fulfill their obligation for responsibility, it cannot.  As history has shown time and again, ,  the government works only as good as the citizens who over see it.  If the citizens relinquish their responsibilities to the government,  then the government is made up of citizens who have no responsibility and will not fight for the corresponding freedom of its citizens.

July 4th is known as our “Independence Day”.  Before you embark on your traditional activities,  please take 45 minutes to hear first hand, what July 4th is about.  Plan on attending this important reading.  Plan on explaining to your children what this is about.  Plan on telling your children that you are responsible enough to fight so that they can be free from an over powering and irresponsible government.

John McAvoy
Original article at Toledo Tea Party