We the People Convention
4682 State Route 43
Kent, OH 44240

Contact: Tom Zawistowski, President

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, December 14, 2013

AKRON, OH – On December 11, 2013 the Gallop organization [released] a poll indicating that TEA Party “Favorability” is currently at 30% with 58% of Republicans saying that they have a favorable opinion of the movement. By contrast, an October 9, 2013 Gallop poll showed that Republican Party “Favorability” was at 28%.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, said “Despite literally three consecutive months of the media, unfairly and intentionally, beating up on the TEA Party every single day, our support among the American people is holding. The American people are learning that perhaps the only place in America they can turn for the truth about our government is the TEA Party. The TEA [party] was right and is right about Obamacare, was right about the IRS Targeting, is right about Benghazi, is right about Fast and Furious, and is right about the Debt Ceiling. The only reason TEA Party “Favorability” is not over 50% is the fact that we do not have the resources to tell our side of the story to the vast majority of Americans and the main stream media rarely gives us the opportunity.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying “The media, with the urging of the Washington establishment from both parties, continues to push the fictional story line that the TEA Party shut down the government during the Continuing Resolution fight, when the President did, and that fighting the CR was a mistake. The American people have figured out the truth. Ted Cruz and the House TEA Party Republicans were right about Obamacare being a disaster and right to try [to] stop 5 million fellow Americans from losing their health insurance while the Washington establishment just let it happen. That is the reason why the media attacks are not doing as much damage to the TEA Party as they would like. The people see that the TEA Party movement is the only one defending the average American from losing their health insurance and having their health care destroyed by the forced government take over of the medical industry.”


The mission of the We the People Convention shall be: to recruit, educate, and motivate Ohio citizens at the grassroots level to perform their constitutionally defined role in the governance of their townships, municipalities, counties, as well as in our state and nation, by providing opportunities, knowledge, and training to ensure limited constitutional governance.”