Despite a couple of quotes likening the tea party to a sleeper cell and a bad cholesterol reading, the Cincinnati Enquirer writes a nice piece about the tea party’s strength in Southwest Ohio with some quotes from some familiar liberty group members.

The Enquirer mentions two recent tea party wins – in Warren county where 12 of the 13 GOP leadership positions went to the tea party and in Clermont county where all six of the GOP leadership positions were won by tea party candidates along with 100 of the 166 central committee seats.

A nod is also given to patriots in Butler and Hamilton counties where Republican officials say the tea party plays a “significant role in party politics.”

Southwest Ohio is important to a statewide GOP win.  The area is heavily Republican and its strong tea party organization is known for its willingness to do the hard work to get out the vote during elections.  Without the enthusiasm of the tea party behind a statewide GOP candidate, the party risks losing Southwest Ohio and the state, given that the Northeast is heavily Democrat.  Greg Ball, a liberty group member in Warren County, explains,

“If the Republican National Committee decides to run another moderate progressive Republican for president, it will be very hard for them to motivate the people in Clermont, Warren, and Butler counties to roll up their sleeves and drag the cart for president.  If we don’t get enthused and buy in, you can’t cancel out all the (heavily Democratic) northeastern part of the state, and that’ll end up with a Democrat winning Ohio.”

It seems that Hamilton County GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou understands what liberty groups can do for a campaign.  He said,

“If you’re going to run for office in Hamilton County, it’s really great to have their help in your campaign.”

Former OLC President, Ted Stevenot, discussed the importance of central committee,

“The central committee is key.  They’re the farm team. You get a liberty-minded person to serve in a lower position – sometimes those people become the Congress you later support to go on to D.C.”

Liberty groups throughout Ohio have worked hard getting candidates elected to central committee.  It can take several election cycles to reach the critical mass that Southwest Ohio has attained and it’s a steeper hill to climb in the more liberal areas of the state.  It’s the right strategy, however.  The amount of resources the GOP has spent throughout the state trying to retain central committee seats is evidence of that.

Read the Cincinnati Enquirer article, “Tea party remaking GOP from ground up,” HERE.