Many of our groups and organizations are fortunate enough to have set up our own web / blog sites. These serve as our “newspaper” and help us get our message out into our communities.

As with any web site, a key factor in keeping our visitors coming back to our site is “fresh content”. If our visitors see the same front page every time they come to our site and it never seems to be updated, they’ll soon loses interest and stop coming back.

Fresh Content, how do we get it?

Our groups are volunteer based, we don’t have the luxury of a paid staff that can pump out a couple articles a week, and our volunteer writers do their best to report on subjects that need to be reported on making it tough to keep fresh and meaningful content on our web pages.  However, there is another source of those articles, kind of like sharing an author, that can help us with keeping  fresh and new content on our sites; its called the RSS FEED.


OLC Site – Notice the two articles

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. We’ve been using it here at Ohio Liberty Coalition (OLC) for years. It works like this; When an article is posted on the OLC site, it can appear on any other site that has subscribed to the OLC RSS feed. An example is the Toledo Tea Party. If you go to their site,  you’ll see this article also appears there, just as if someone over there wrote the article. This is great for Toledo Tea Party and visitors to their site, as the content is fresh and new, and always of interest.


These appear on Toledo Tea Party, but originated on the OLC site


RSS Feed isn’t new to Ohio’s liberty groups. Several years ago, Ted and John Stevenot helped many Ohio groups set up their own web sites by setting them up with a simple “WordPress” site that was a subdomain on the OLC site. All of these sites used the RSS feature to keep their content fresh.

The majority of liberty group web sites are based on the web site design language “WordPress”.

To use the RSS feed on our WordPress site, we installed the “FeedWordPress” plugin (Version 2015.0514 | By Charles Johnson). This adds a “Syndication” option to the dashboard.


“FeedWordPress” plugin (Version 2015.0514 | By Charles Johnson)


This selections under this option allow us to test and assign new RSS feed sites for our group. We also configure the feed as to how we want the feed to behave and interact with our site.


Setting up an RSS feed in WordPress


THOUGHTS on setting up your feeds:

Generally, if the RSS feed site is a WordPress site, it will play well with other WordPress sites. The OLC and Toledo Tea Party (TTP) sites are both WordPress sites and we’ve found the feed transfers 100% compatable

ON the TTP site, we use most of the default RSS feed settings. These control how the RSS feed interact with our site. We did make a couple changes that you might consider.

The RSS feed appears as a normal posting, but if you click on the READ MORE, your re-directed to the original site.