Many of us have been fighting on the grass roots front for years.  The most frustrating of those times is when we work our butts off to get someone elected because they say their going to fight.   After we get them elected,  they not only DON’T fight,  but they actually sign on and help with the progressive / liberal movement to the left.

After a few days of putting up with some of Ohio’s establishment Republicans whining and crying as to why I spend all my time working against their republicans instead of fighting Democrats,   I had formulated my thoughts into nice expressible words:

“How can we battle the Democrats when the Republicans we elect and send to DC or Columbus refuse to fight when they get there. AND to make matters worst, not only don’t they fight Democrats,  They actually join sides and help Democrats with their progressive liberal crony capitalism, crony government ways”

The frustration runs deep,  but Today, on the Senate floor,  I got re-vitalized and Finally, at last, on the floor of the US Senate,  we finally seen a Republican who has had enough and has called out the Republicans,  his party, for their lying and cheating.

Find a nice comfortable spot,  get a cold drink,  and watch this entire clip.  You have NEVER heard ANYTHING like this before,  and I suspect, this will not be the last.  Watch all 19 minutes.  You may have heard bits and bytes,  but watch the entire thing.

After you’re finished and you fell re-energized, we have a lot of work to do. Join me in getting our grass roots back in order and lets find more of these people and  get them to Washington DC  AND Columbus.