The following Thank You letter was sent to all State Central Committee candidates who dared fight the Establishment.


To all Republican Party State Central Committee candidates;

Over the past 4 months,  The Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee has had an infusion of Accountability. That infusion was provided by every one of you who sacrificed your personal lives and at your personal expense.   Because of that infusion,  every one of you are a winner.

We’ve grown stronger,  we’ve learned some very important and valuable lessons for the next time.

Now comes the hard part, that “next time” starts now.

Regardless if you’re the official State Central Committee representative,  you must keep the promises you made.

I encourage each of you to start living up to those campaign promises. Start acting as if you were the representative, Start thinking about what you would be doing if you had won the election,  What were your goals, what were your plans. Start implementing those plans,  start talking, visiting, writing, traveling.  This is what you would be doing if you had won,  so this is what you need to do to better the party.

Important – Many of your opponents are waking up this morning breathing a sigh of relief, thinking they won and can now return to “business as usual”.

Its our job to make sure that doesn’t happen.  We need to educate them,  we need to include them in our circles. They need to understand that it will not be business as usual.  They need to live up to YOUR campaign promises,  or they will be replaced.

Again,  Congratulations to all, and thank you for serving your country.

John McAvoy


EDs note – We want to thank John McAvoy (NW Ohio Conservative Coalition), Tom Zawastowski (Ohio Citizens PAC), Ted Stevenot, and the countless others for their hard work and efforts to putting this together, and taking on an enormous well funded machine.  Each of us needs to ask ourselves,  “If we don’t lead this fight, who will”