Senate President Keith Faber has joined forces with the Kasich-Taylor team in demanding a constitutional convention to seek a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Ohio Republicans received an email from Faber yesterday touting the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 5 which calls for a convention.

Looks like Faber is in damage control mode trying to bulk up his conservative credentials after enabling Governor Kasich to circumvent the Ohio Assembly to expand Medicaid through the Controlling Board.  Certainly, the bloom must have faded from the Faber rose in the eyes of many of his constituents.

The extent of Faber’s defection on Medicaid expansion is alarming when one considers the many allies he betrayed.  Not only did the Senate President render the very body he leads impotent on an issue it strongly rejected, but he abandoned his constituents who voted against Obamacare 3:4 in 2010 with the Health Care Freedom Amendment.

Faber also turned his back on Ohio’s Republican Congressional delegation who worked to defund and delay Obamacare in the recent budget battle in Washington and he rejected the valiant efforts of the 25 Republican-led states which had already turned down Medicaid expansion saving U.S. taxpayers over 500 billion.

It is fitting to note that defunding Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion was the single largest cut in Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget introduced earlier this year which balanced the federal budget over ten years. That Senator Faber should call for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution after implementing one of the major line items the GOP sought to cut in their balanced budget is ironic for a man who can’t seem to stick to the conservative principles that placed him in high office.

But it is not fair to bestow all the blame for Medicaid expansion on Senator Faber. Certainly Speaker Batchelder deserves his fair share as well. While either gentleman could have acted alone to achieve expansion through the Controlling Board, the two acted in concert as many often do who seek cover for their actions.

Batchelder issued a press release earlier this fall titled, “Time for a Federal Balanced Budget.”  Batchelder will need to move back the “time” table now that he has added billions more to the national debt through his actions.

Few states have done as much as Ohio in opposing Obamacare.  Ohio’s opposition was an organic reaction by the people to an oppressive piece of legislation which was directly expressed through the passage of the Health Care Freedom Amendment in 2011.  Yet, three men – Kasich-Faber-Batchelder – felt they know better than 66% of Ohioans.  These three bypassed all constitutional limitations and implemented a policy Ohioans had rejected time and time again.  That the treachery was perpetuated by the very men elected to protect us from Obamacare makes Ohio’s loss an even more bitter pill to swallow.

The Ohio Obamacare Three – Kasich-Faber-Batchelder – need to be remembered for their defection.  Ohioans now look to the Ohio Supreme Court to right the wrongs of these men and reaffirm the balance of power of a healthy republic.