single-leftfield-rof1Like the third baseman who protects the left field line, Third Base Politics spends a lot of time protecting Ohio’s left of center governor.  In a recent blogpost, Jake3BP resorted to some hardball suggesting that OLC has lost its “credibility” and has “morphed into an anti-Kasich mouthpiece.”  Apparently, Jake’s afraid OLC is no longer concerned with advancing liberty-minded principles.

Well Jake3BP, there’s nothing to fear because OLC has never stopped advancing liberty.  In fact, even in a state with a Republican governor, Republican statehouse and a Republican supreme court, we find that we are the only political entity willing to remain steadfast in our support of health care freedom, fiscal responsibility, and the basic checks and balances vital to a democratic republic.

There’s no arguing that Governor Kasich spent the past year brazenly advancing the liberal democrat agenda in Ohio as he advocated for Obamacare-directed Medicaid expansion.  OLC had no choice but to oppose his administration to protect our state from government run health care, profligate spending, and abuse of power with Kasich’s questionable use of the Controlling Board.

In the end, Kasich was successful in giving us a major component of Obamacare, but OLC pressure kept the state legislature from going along.  Senate President Keith Faber and House Speaker Bill Batchelder refused to back Kasich with full legislative approval in the constitutional way, but unfortunately were willing to finagle administrative acquiescence through the Controlling Board.  And somehow, the Ohio Supreme Court gave this circumvention of the people their stamp of approval.

We are willing to wager that Governor Kasich was taken aback by the effectiveness of the OLC campaign against Medicaid expansion.  Kasich tried to bully and shame the Republican legislature into submission with his daily lectures on charity and compassion and his invocation of St. Peter, but Ohio’s Republican legislature held firm. It seems the political pressure applied by OLC membership had more influence than our left-veering governor bargained.

So OLC has had its hands full this past year taking the good fight to our own team.  The “umps” in the form of the Ohio Supreme Court delivered a bad call, but OLC can hold its head high.  Now we’ll watch as Governor Kasich tries to rally a disgusted base for his re-election campaign.

And as for Workplace Freedom, OLC members around the state have volunteered for this effort as well – that is when they weren’t out fighting a Republican governor’s implementation of Obamacare.  The initiative has collected over 100,000 signatures and counting.

And its only fair to note that OLC’s principled campaign against Medicaid expansion was waged under the volunteer leadership of Ted Stevenot – family man and business owner – who cared enough about our state’s future to sacrifice precious personal time and resources in the fight for liberty, looking for nothing but a simple pat on the back from his peers in return.  His leadership and the work of OLC membership throughout the state is testament to the fact that the spirit of our country’s founding lives on in the hearts and minds of everyday Americans.   And that is how our great founders wanted it to be.

So Jake3BP, the next time you poke fun at OLC, keep this in mind:  We are not in politics for personal power, glory or media attention.  We would much rather watch our children play third base than read your blog.  OLC exists because our elected leaders fail to advocate for policies based on liberty and personal responsibility and we feel duty bound as citizens to fill this void.

Your ribbing will not deter us, nor will it marginalize us.  Our political power does not emanate from the Republican establishment’s acceptance of us, but rather from  the genius of our founders and our elected representatives’ knowledge that we exist, we have principles, and we can vote.