Ted_CruzIf you are stirred by the speech in the U.S. Senate today by Senator Ted Cruz, honor his fight for liberty by pledging to take effective action and make a real difference.

Here are three ways:

(1) Run in the primary to be your neighborhood “precinct committeeman.” You may never have heard of this position, but these people have a HUGE say in determining which candidates ultimately appear on the ballot. If you are sick of unprincipled politicians, this is the front-line fight to be rid of them. Learn more at: www.ohioprecinctproject.com.

(2) Focus on primary elections. Today, eighty percent of districts are one party dominated. This means the only way to replace an unprincipled representative (in most cases) is during the primary. Even though this is the case – fewer than one out of four people even bother to vote in the primary. The establishment gerrymandered districts to protect themselves, BUT THEY NEVER SAW YOU COMING! Defeating them in these elections takes a much smaller number of votes than in a general election and is very doable.

(3) Help grow the REACH of liberty-minded media. “Like” Facebook pages, join email lists, forward and share liberty-minded stories. Without effective communication, we will always be playing catch-up with the mainstream media. The good news is that changing the media paradigm is FREE and just takes a few minutes a day. Be a modern Paul Revere and help those battling for liberty spread the word.

If people will focus on these three areas, with patience and a little hard work, we can honor the efforts of freedom fighters like Ted Cruz and help truly win our country back.

In Liberty,

Ted Stevenot
Ohio Liberty Coalition