The Toledo Tea Party board of Directors held an emergency meeting this afternoon to discuss the ramifications of the upcoming Senate vote on the Iranian Nuclear deal.

Prior to the Senate taking up ratification of any treaty, it’s their responsibility to perform due diligence as to how the treaty will effect the United States of America.

A major concern is the ability to verify the conditions of the agreement.  Iran has a long history of not living up to the agreements they enter into.  Combine this with a “Death to America” rhetoric by their leaders,  Its difficult to understand how anyone in their right mind would give Iran $160 billion dollars, a clear path to nuclear weapons,  and ballistic missile technology to deliver those weapons to any point in the middle east or even any city in the United States,

Considering the safety and security of our nation,  This treaty / agreement/ deal is not  in the best interest of the United States. The board unanimously voted upon a resolution to ask Ohio’s two Senators to not approve this Iranian Nuclear deal.

CLICK HERE to read the full text of Toledo Tea Party Resolution 1503, condemning the Iranian deal