In a challenge to other Ohio conservative groups,  22 volunteers from Toledo Tea Party and other NW Ohio organizations got together last night and spent a couple hours making just over 1,800 phone calls for the NRA and the candidate they endorsed,  Donald  Trump.

The Toledo Tea Party volunteers sent out a challenge to all Ohio’s conservative, liberty groups to match their counts.

John McAvoy, Chairman of the Toledo Tea Party said;

“This is a great way to get people involved. Last night about 1/2 of the volunteers were first timers.  Once they seen how easy it was to use the i-360 application,  they promised to come back and do it again.”

NRA Representative, Ryan Bradly was very impressed with the turn out.  We had pizza, drinks, T shirts, bags, yard signs, and bumper stickers.


Kathleen Sallah,  Toledo Tea Party coordinator for this event said  she will be scheduling a couple more of these and hopes other groups around Ohio will do the same thing.

Although anyone can make these calls from home,  its fun to do it as a group  and take it on as a group project.  Kathleen said she is planning a couple more of the phone bank sessions between now and election day.

If your interested in joining the Toledo Tea Party’s next event,  go HERE and complete the information.

If you’re in another part of the state or a group leader and would like to put together one of these events for your group,  contact one of the NRA representatives in your area. OR – Click HERE, fill in the information and we’ll forward it to the NRA rep in your area. Make sure you specify if you’re from Toledo or another area.


Start making calls through the NRA to identify undecided voters or start going door-to-door! The NRA is up and running and waiting for you to jump in. Last week we had one day when we made 10,000 calls state wide! That is great, but we can do better. Call your NRA Rep TONIGHT and get trained and/or get walk lists and materials:

David Conte (CFR based in Akron – Eastern Half of State)

Jake Meinzer (CFR Based in Dayton – Southwest Part of State)

Ryan Bradley (CFR Based in Bowling Green – Northwest Part of State)  302-565-4702