I wanted to write to you as a long time supporter of the We the People Convention and our radio show TEA Party Talk with Tom Z to tell you that I will be going back on to the radio with a new weekly show starting on Saturday, February 3, 2018! As you know, we lost our show on WHLO last July after 4 years on the air for no reason – other than they did not want our views going out to the general public!

However, everywhere I go in the state people kept asking me if I was going to go back on the air because they really missed our show. So, after the start of the new year a couple of our top supporters asked me to consider doing a new show and offered to put up some startup money and I agreed to actively start looking. We looked around for a station that was owned by someone conservative and we were able to strike a great deal with WHKW 1220 in Cleveland.

As you will see by the graphic attached, the new show is going to be called “Talking Trump with Tom Z”. I dropped the TEA Party Talk not because I am abandoning the TEA Party name, but because I want to reach beyond our TEA Party supporters and Liberty Groups and reach out to the blue collar Democrats who voted for Trump. Particularly since so many of them were in NE Ohio! The show will air at a great time – Saturday mornings from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM. However, we also got a second airing on Saturday nights from 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM!

Now here is why this is important. The daytime signal for 1220 AM reaches all of NE Ohio and a lot of the eastern part of the state, but the nighttime signal is 50,000 watts clear channel and not only reach most of the state but can be heard all the way down the East Coast to the Carolinas! So, we are going to be reaching a much larger audience than we ever reached on WHLO.

All of this is only possible due to your generous support and I can’t thank you enough. Your donations will continue to pay for the air time and promotional costs of the show. I will be announcing the show on Bob Frantz’s show on 1420 WHK last week. Then I will start to send out promotional emails next week and every week thereafter. So, feel free to let others know about the new show and be sure to tune in!