From the very beginning, the authentically contagious grassroots Tea Party movement was viewed by the elite establishment ruling class as suspicious. They called us “astroturf” and accused us of being the contrived tools of the Republican Party and special interests groups. But when more and more groups just kept popping up into existence with no political or big money connections whatsoever, the establishment had to wonder, “Who are these people, really?” You see, the establishment doesn’t work like this. They buy their support and give marching orders that are very specific and thoroughly planned out by trained community organizers with strategic and centralized command-and-control techniques. They assumed everyone functioned this way. So, when people started showing up at town hall meetings quoting the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and demanding politicians (both Rs and Ds) fulfill their oaths as representatives of the people and not act as rulers… let’s just say, this did not sit well. When liberty-minded groups started organizing rallies, protests and bus trips with their own money and a handful of volunteers, the establishment must have thought to themselves, “Hey, this is way too organized to be done by a group of ragtag volunteers with no experience in political campaigning.” So, I imagine they did what they always do to any other political adversary… unleash the media dogs and create lies about them, then you gather “intelligence” using the vast powers available only to government… in that order. Now these were the tactics of the overtly-aggressive opponents. The passive-aggressive opponents fained agreement and began co-opting the message and the political momentum with a watered-down version of good ole well-established incumbent politics, which just fueled the overtly-aggressive opponents even more. That is another story altogether.

The results were evident to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. Take us off message by putting us on the defensive or redefine the message with charismatic politicians who could talk the talk but had no intention of walking the walk… culling the herd so to speak.

Now, they have revealed themselves. They are exactly who we said they were. Even as we have demonstrated character with actions consistent with our stated convictions, they are exposed for their lies, deceit and willingness to use their power to destroy us personally and organizationally. We have taken their best shots and survived. We know who they are and what their strategy is going forward. In the words of a preacher friend of mine, “It’s like saying ‘sic ’em’ to a bulldog!”  Tom Zawistowski is that bulldog.