As the filing deadline draws near (4pm, Dec 16th),  many candidates are out collecting signatures in their districts and then the big question hits them:  “How do I know if the person who just signed my petition is OK or not?”

The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition and the Toledo Tea Party have implemented a very powerful tool that allows anyone to quickly and easily check the voter registration database to determine a persons party affiliation,  and their districts and precincts.

VERIFY SIGNATURES – Although the tool doesn’t have access to a persons actual signature,  Odds are good if the rest of the information matches your petition,  the signature is probably OK.

VOTER LOOK UP – If you want to verify what district someone lives in, or their address, district or precinct,  this is a great tool that does just that.



Go to either the Toledo Tea Party web site or the Your Name On The Ballot web site.

Select the county you’re interested in,  type in the persons last name and then hit “SUBMIT”.

If its a common name, you’ll be shown the first 50 entries that match the last name and a message to start typing in the first name. Start by just typing in the first letter of the persons first name,  then hit SUBMIT again.

The search returns the persons full name,  year of birth, address and city,  their party affiliation, and their districts, i.e. Ohio House (OHH), Ohio Senate (OHS), US House (USH), and precinct name.

Our volunteers update this data twice a year by downloading the entire Ohio Voter Registration from the Sec of States office fixing the data-sets, then uploading it onto our servers. HUGE TASK. We are getting ready to update the database with November results.  The current search is based on July 2015 Sec of State data.

If you find this tool useful please consider making a donation by following the links at the bottom of the pages.


We are working on a very comprehensive search tool that will be available to members and candidates after the first of the year.  You can get a basic DEMO of the searches this tool will perform by CLICK HERE.  Note that no results are shown in this DEMO as we are still working on the code.

This tool will provide the subscriber with the ability to select their own search criteria and produce products of their choosing.  i.e.  a walking list,  mail labels,  or a very comprehensive data set that could include phone numbers and e-mail addresses.